Times they are a’changin…and epic lunchtimes.

So the last week has once again been mental. Actually the last 4 weeks of my life have been mental. In fact, in a way I miss revision – lounging around all day….ahhh yes…but the learning sucked.

Well, as of Monday this week I was offered an internship (come work experience) at a small TV company in Leeds. This meant having to leave my lovely PR internship (for the time being – who knows!) and quest off to the further outreaches of Leeds. (The grassy bit)

I was a tad apprehensive, after a month at my PR Agency I was comfortable with how things were. The people were lovely, and I had a cushty routine. But for the graduate without a paid position it must always be onwards and upwards I suppose! And you won’t know if you are moving upwards unless you try. You’re certainly not moving anywhere staying in the same place. 

So for the next two weeks I am a TV research intern for a historical project – exciting stuff! Let’s see where we’re headed!

Now – this week has also been a FANTASTIC food week. Really – it’s been top notch. Gradually increasing in awesomeness from the dull packed sandwich, to an epic buffet. Here’s how;



This description will match the meal. Dull. Crumbly ham sandwich. Crumbled all over the desk. Slightly improved by a packet of cheese and onion crisps. Slightly. Result – boring. 



The epic Graze toastie called, the ham sandwich didn’t. Roast chicken, bacon, BBQ sauce, a tiny amount of mayo that even I as a disliker could tolerate. YUM. Sadly no photo’s. Ah well, you’l live. 



Ham sandwiches suck. They really do. So when I allowed myself to walk through Leeds spectacular Trinity Shopping Centre for the first time and I caught a wiff of the enticing smell of Crepe Affair I was very easily hooked. After a wonder to Boots where I constantly justified the purchase, I nipped back for an AMAZING Londoner pancake. Scrambled egg, cheese, and bacon….OM NOM NOM. 



Now I often find crepe’s or pancakes out of the family kitchen a disappointment. It’s just never as good. NOT THIS TIME.

I immediately picked up a loyalty card and swore I would bring any friend or family member here for lunch should they visit so I can eat more! VERY VERY GOOD STUFF. If you live in Leeds no doubt you discovered this before me, but GO! EVERYBODY GO! 



The climax of the gradually bettering luncheon week. This was a SPECTACULAR munch sesh. All thanks to my lovely colleague Hayley.


For the end of the week the Co-op created a wonderful little restaurant in the middle of Leeds main high street, and asked people to ‘tweet for a table’. Being in the social team and a complete foodie Hayley was on this straight away, and we managed to get a FREE lunch platter of AMAZING nibbles. I even loved the chutney, and I am not a fan!

It was a wonderful way to spend my (possibly) last day, and it was also nice to natter with Hayley about things other than work! I will definitely make sure I keep in touch with her and the other ladies, as they are all so lovely and great fun to work and socialise with!



Home/flat day. Left over Domino’s ‘New Yorker’ pizza with garlic dip. Need I say more?


This has been a bit of a mish-mash post, but I suppose I’m not entirely in the habit of doing these things yet! Hopefully it’s been at least enjoyable!

I hope you guys are all enjoying the wonderful weather in various exciting ways, and I shall scribble back here soon – well – as soon as I can!




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