About Bob

Since the age of around 6/7 I have been called Bob by my family. God knows why but the nickname Kirstybob got shortened to actually kick out my real name and Bob stuck. (Blackadder was showing during my early years, whether this influenced matters we may never know.) Over 10 years on I am still referred to as Bob by my family, and a few select ‘hard core’ old friends. It’s slightly bizarre, but I’m rather found of it.

I’m a recently employed history grad from York University, now working as a PR type in Leeds. This blog tracks my progression from interning into ‘adult’ life, and all the silly bits in between.

A nugget about me – I hate sock fluff between toes. I love real Ale (preferably Old Speckled Hen, Hobgoblin, or Landlord). Playing & listening to music has been my life since the age of 5. I have both sung in St Marks Venice, and played in too many freezing service stations. I have a great weakness for Mini Eggs, bacon, and cheese – but not together. I presented and produced a Folk specialist music show for 3 years at University, and loved every minute of it. I can repeat most of the complete works of Harry Potter – complete with Stephen Fry voices.

Favourite film: The Lion King. Favourite album: Graceland – Paul Simon. Favourite Holiday Destination: The Isle of Skye.

‘The Boy’ I refer to is my other half, who heralds from Whitworth, Lancashire (on several borders including Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and near-ish Yorkshire).

I’m slightly mad, very friendly, and live my life in organised chaos.

To any  students about to lurch into adult life I wish you the very best of luck. To those of you who are safely in education or a job, happy viewing.



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