The ZOO! (A weekend back in the Shire)

Last weekend I returned to the (Nottingham)Shire to visit my lovely sister & her manfriend. Naturally as a bunch of young hip twenty-somethings we wined, dined, and visited the zoo.

I was ridiculously excited about this later activity, as it had been close to a decade since I’ve last been to a zoo (although the safari in Africa in 2012 was close…but not quite the same). This specific activity was inspired by the recent announcement that the zoo had welcomed two baby leopard cubs! We were lucky enough to get a brief glimpse of the babies at the opening of their den, as they were a bit intimated by the mass of people oggling them, but didn’t manage to catch a picture I’m afraid! I can report however they were fluffy, small, and very very cute.

I did however manage to catch many many many other shots from the day (millions of the baby meerkats…literally…) fortunately for you guys I have reduced the volume into a few top snaps from the day.




Baby Elephant! 6 months old!! (I believe)




A Meerkat ball to keep the babies warm! Simply adorable.


Just chillin’


Baby Meerkats!



Me and my big sisterling <3

In the evening, the boy & I skipped out to join some friends for a brief catch up, which was predictably mental and as always so much fun. I wish I could see these wonderful ladies more often. It’s always hard keeping in touch with old friends (can’t believe I just used that term!) once you’ve gone to Uni, especially if you don’t wind up working back near home (which for me was Nottingham). That’s why you always have to make the effort to join in when you can, even if it is just for a little while.


The next morning dawned wet. Really really wet. The town of West Bridgeford where we were staying was reduced to a children’s swimming pool level, with the odd bit risking diving availability! To combat this awful ‘August’ weather, we chose to eat tasty bacon pancakes at the trendy nearby eaterie the ‘Mud Crab’. It’s a favourite spot of the sister’s & manfriend and the food is always superb.




To conclude, it was both a fun-filled and slobby weekend of enjoyment, it was so nice to catch up with the people I care an awful lot about but am rather rubbish at keeping in touch with. It’s one of those things though isn’t it, that the people you know you’ll always be able to meet up with and have a great time are often those you don’t speak to for months & months! Most of the time, fortunately, you’re able to pick up just where you left off :).



Underneath the Stars: beautiful musical loveliness

How’do. Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting an extremely hot and balmy Barnsley (who’ve thought), for the wonderful ‘Underneath the Stars’ festival. The first of its kind, the folky gathering was inspired & arranged by the lovely and amazing Kate Rusby (folk singing legend – like Kim Kardashian of the folk world…well…with less plastic in her posterior…and talent) and the larger part of her extended family.   IMG_2435 IMG_2438 IMG_2440 The weather was ridiculous, really there was no escape from the sun and it was absolutely boiling! Having lived in the North of England for 4 years solidly this was a slight shock to the system, but very enjoyable once adapted to. I may have even tanned – and by tanned I mean become slightly less white than before, on the pasty-scale I’m now more of a ‘light latte’ than ‘marshmallow white’ – WIN. IMG_2455 IMG_2459   All the stages & set areas were named after Kate Rusby songs, a nice touch, which always maintained a running Rusby soundtrack to activities – which is no bad thing at all! Generally what stood out about the festival was its attention to detail and friendly atmosphere. Really friendly, this is Yorkshire after all!   IMG_2506 A note, every woman should own a Wonder Woman shirt, it makes you feel like you can conquer….and look bad ass. IMG_2475 An abundance of bunting & fairy lights made for a happy Kirsty and great consistent festival vibe! IMG_2515   IMG_2532   Aaand the lady herself! You can tell she’s not used to standing up there without her guitar! I absolutely love this artist and have done pretty much as long as I can remember. Not only is she an amazing performer with a voice that could melt the coldest of hearts, but she is also one of the nicest & friendliest artist’s I have seen live. To be quite honest, I would love just to have a natter with her over some proper Yorkshire Tea.

Kate released her new album ‘Ghost’ on the Saturday of the festival, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! Until then, I’ve popped in here a favourite songs of hers, and the name sake of the festival, for your listening enjoyment :).


(Some gorgeous brass parts in their too, another dream would be to perform these with the lovely lady!)

On this note, I’m thinking of resuming my ‘Folk Off!’ duties. For those of you unfamiliar with ‘Folk Off!’, this was my folk specialist radio show I produced & presented whilst at University. Though I may no longer have a fully equipped studio at my disposal, (although I do have some great portable kit I could use) I think I shall resume duties through a written blog format, delivering CD reviews, music news, and related tip-bits. If you like the sound of that, watch this space!

What festivals have you guys been going to?


Return of the internet: The Tour de France

Hello! Goodness me I must admit I have been shockingly poor at writing on here for a while! Lack of internet will do that to a person, and apart from scribbling notes down at work it was unavoidable! Until now! Thank god.

So to update you, I’m now living in the long related flat with the boy, and loving it :). Pics to follow, as I’m awaiting a few final touches first!

First morning in the flat was July 5th. In Leeds. Tour de France day! So on our first day in our own space we…got up stupidly early and got to the Headrow (aka staring line) for about 20 to 7…AM!




IMG_1934Looking remarkably chirpy considering…

The atmosphere was amazing and despite the difficulties of tall people stood all around us we did manage to get a sneeky peek of the starting line.









How did you guys celebrate the Tour?


Gates to SOUTH-well Folk Festival

Hello gang, It’s all been a bit mad recently! As I recently moved into the new shiny flat with the boy (big blog post to follow), life has been hectic to say the least, and now of course we don’t have internet – as we’re waiting for the little Orange man to come sort it out for us. This has all created a distinctive lack of blogging availability! A couple of weeks ago (if you count 4 weeks aka a month) I engaged in the annual activity of going to the Southwell Folk Festival (SOUTH-well people, note the pronunciation – I don’t care if BBC4 do say ‘Suthell’ – it’s wrong). I have been bliddy fortunate really that, as a folkie, a festival has literally popped up in my town!

It started around 7ish years ago (?) but the history of the festival goes back waaaaaay further then that. Without indulging too much of my history bug, quite simply the ‘Gate to Southwell’ was an event held from the early C10th and started when the Archbishop appealed to all the surrounding parish’s in Nottinghamshire for donations to build a new ‘mother church’ – aka Southwell Minster.  So a procession, including Morris dancers later on, would deliver funds to the church each year, then making the obvious evolution into a folk music festival. Naturally. As the festival started up as my school life hit the exam run my attendance of this marvelous festival has been erratic between years 11 until last year when I graduated from University! (Exactly a year ago today!) However from now on happily this should no longer be an issue :)

IMG_1816 The festival is a big one in the Rogers’ family calendar, and usually involves a lot of drinking beer whilst enjoying some absolutely fantastic tuneage ( & food). Below are a couple of moments captured from the weekend, which I hope you enjoy! IMG_1811 IMG_1806 IMG_1805   IMG_1803 IMG_1800 IMG_1798     Proper ‘old school’ Jelly Babies!! Lack of purse meant I actually had to ask my Mum for sweets. Aged 22. And loved it. IMG_1797 IMG_1795 IMG_1794 IMG_1784 IMG_1783 What festivals are you guys off to this year?

Keep your eyes out for the new nest blog post – coming soon!

Ta for now :) xXx

What’s new with me: June

It’s June, that’s madness. It’s 6 months into the year of 2014. I’ve only just got used to writing it!

So, as per usual, I have neglected to write for a while. This is because I’ve been waiting for many an exciting decision to be made and happen. This means this is actually quite an eventful post gang, so listen up!!



After many stressful applications, literally nail-biting waits, and frustratingly let-down-y responses, the boy has got a job in Leeds which means he’s hopping over the Pennines and excitingly…


We got a flat we got a flat we got a flat WOO! After over a year of stalking Zoopla, Rightmove, Prime Location, Gumtree (to name a few) I tried to be gentle about the whole flat visiting thing for the boy, as we wouldn’t want to scare him off now would we. So, naturally, in less than 48hrs I organised the flat viewings and we ALSO picked and paid the deposit on our flat nest. (I really tried…for a second…)

Home sweet home <3

Home sweet home <3

After existing in other people’s box rooms for over a year, I am so very very very looking forward to this! Simple things like having all of my stuff with me will now actually be possible, and, most excitingly, I’ll get to live with the boy and see him during THE WEEK!

So so so excited. So excited. Move in day is Friday 4th July. So keen the day just can’t come soon enough!

4. Buying wonderful pretty things for the flat….YAY.

So naturally, the first things I buy are not practical useful things like a bin, draining unit, toaster etc. oh no. Cushions. Lots and lots of cushions!!! And photo frames. And lamps. Yes.




The colour scheme: currently minty blue/green colour and yellow, probably with a nice silvery grey. (I like 3’s) I LOVE the pug and balloon cushions – Tesco – who knew right?! Yet to have the BIG Ikea shop. I just want to go to Ikea, any excuse will do – this feeling is reiterated by both parents and friends a like of me & the boy who also want to go to Ikea ‘for our new flat’…

5. I’ve been in my job now for 8 months. Jeeeesh! Reflecting on this has made me think a blog post on what I’ve learned in my first full-time grown-up job-thing would be a good idea. So watch this space. It might turn up for the year anniversary…lols.

6. Attempting fitness: I’ve now been running 2/3 times a week for over a month. Now I’m not someone who’s going to give you some ‘rubbish’ about how awesome this has made my life and how I ‘find myself’ when panting round red-faced and sweaty.

However, I have started to notice the difference. My waist looks better, and, when discovering we have a half 8am meeting and I am a 10 mins walk away at 20 past – I can run there lickity-split without breaking a sweat. This was a refreshing change from previous experiences of running for the bus and looking like a 20-a-day chain smoker! Also, on my runs which surprisingly sometimes I reeeally don’t feel like going on, I frequently get to see many a cute dog and get a bit of a fuss, as someone who certainly misses living without the furry friends of either cats/dogs this is definitely a highlight! (Today’s run heralded two gorgeous Dalmatians – definitely mentally labelled them Pongo & Purdy instantly and was overjoyed to see they were a pair!!)

I’ve also been attempting weights and all that jazz, I believe these are a slow burner for progress so watch this space. I doubt I’ll ever feel quite comfortable with posting a half naked picture on here stating ‘how wonderful I feel thanks to all my hard work’ but I’ll tell you about it :). Tbh you probably don’t need to see my tummy, be it wibbly or not.

So lots of exciting news from me! Feel free to scribble back about any of it. I’ll attempt to keep track of flat excitement on here as it’s actually an interesting thing to natter about with you! (Rather than what food I have/haven’t been eating recently!) Plus, it will be a rather lovely time to get all nostalgic about when nosing back at my ramblings in the future.

Tataa for now gang,




New pad, and a very decent hall

This weekend has been a manic one. I’ve moved out of the city centre into the leafy song-bird soundtracked suburbs,  complete with Kirkstall Abbey, squirrels, and hedgehogs!


City living was hugely convenient, the 10 minute walk to work was amazing and everything was a walk away, but I’m a country bumpkin, and after a long bank holiday weekend at home surrounded by good old green fields I am so happy to be out in the suburbs! Although, maybe ask me again after the morning commute to work!

Friday and Saturday were mad packing days, which was enormous fun. I really hate packing! Trying to get all my stuff across was a bit of a nightmare but we managed it!

After a looong day of packing, unpacking and seeing my family and the boy yesterday, followed by a fun filled evening with my room mates, today we trooped into Leeds for a good shop. And I got quite a good hall…


I am currently OBSESSED with the mint green shades all around at the moment. Big fan. And it’s been a good 6 years since I got my last pair of Converse so thought I would treat myself to a pair of mint green low tops, although I did have to stop myself grabbing a burgundy & blue patent dual layers!


For those sunny days which we (hopefully) have in plentiful supply on the horizon, I got some similarly Topshop light green sandals. Happy Kirsty.


Whilst in Topshop I couldn’t resist picking up this gold triangle necklace, and whilst the boy was trying on clothes I naturally found a checked shirt in Topman I fancied. Because why not cut out the middle man!


I’m definitely looking forward to taking these along next weekend to Woking when I meet up with a few Uni friends!

What spring/summery purchases have you been hoarding lately?


Saint George: A very old PR poster boy

Have a look on our office blog at Clearsilver for my thoughts on Mr Cameron’s public video for Saint David’s Day–

Beginnings of Spring!


Hello folks. So April is almost upon us, jeesh. This year is going scarily fast! This time last year I was cracking on with the old dissertation, which surprisingly I do actually miss!

Now it’s Mothering Sunday, for me this is all part of the wonderful build up to Easter & general spring-time frivolity, when the weather actually starts to live up to expectations – sometimes anyway!

Naturally our best laid plans – going to my sisters’ lovely new flat where she will play host with her boyfriend – have been scuppered by the food poisoning/bug illness of said sister. Typical! So now me & Dad will be roasting. This sadly means, as Mum finds watching people cook in her kitchen slightly torturous she will no doubt take over the action. In fact she has just walked into the living room with her piny on. Boding well.

To celebrate the Spring time feeling here are a few nice pics I took on a dog walk a while back :) I got to play with some of my Dad’s fancy lenses, which naturally made my day! Now go make your Mum a cup of tea.

Happy Mothers’ Day all!!


IMG_0542   IMG_0571   IMG_0681   IMG_0595   IMG_0597   IMG_0685   IMG_0636     IMG_0733

Taking Stock


I recently came across this on the lovely Dan’s blog, and as this is a busy, frustrating, yet highly exciting time in my life thought I should indeed – take stock.

Making: Life complicated for myself.

Cooking: Soup is a frequent happening. This week, banana bread baking occured due to my mushy inedible banana availability and my weekend trip to the sister (who happens to love banana bread).

Drinking: (Soon). I am currently training to Nottingham to visit aforementioned banana-bread appreciating sister. The wine is already in the fridge. Rose’ – Pink Chill. Classy ladies.

Reading: Sadly right now I am not reading for pleasure, it’s something that has come with very little room available for my life and the ever prospect of moving, which makes me hesitant to gather all my books from home. I have however just read the latest Stylist – both male & female editions – as I don’t comfortably ‘fit’ for either publication alone. I like clothes – I also like gaming.

Wanting: My own flat. A car. A glass of wine.

Playing: At adult life, and with my (fairly) new camera :).

Wasting: My time on trains.

Fixing: My life, I think.

Deciding: Where & what I can afford to live in.

Wishing: I had more money coming in!

Enjoying: Beginning to feel comfortable in my new job!

Waiting: For other people to decide what I can afford.

Liking: My current cheesy dance music/80s rock rave on a dark train journey. *Silent rave*

Wondering: What the next few months will hold in store for me. Despite the difficulties, I know this is a really exciting time!

Loving: Visits from the boy.

Pondering: Whether I should write more opinionated content on my blog…

Considering: Buying a new external hard drive, as my old brick is dieing & I need that sexy memory for work video editing!

Watching: From a flat-mate recommendation – I watched my first episode of Nashville this week. Watch this space. Also together we are getting through A LOT of the sci-fi series Fringe & The Real Housewives of New Jersey (I know their names now…)

Hoping: The boy can come across to Leeds and we can get a little nest together soon!

Marvelling: At what a fantastic city Leeds is, and how many amazing friends & family members I can meet up with!

Needing: Money & time. And sleep. And wine.

Smelling: Not a lot, my nose is slightly blocked.

Wearing: A smart ‘business-y’ Monsoon dress, as I had a couple of posh work events today, (there was a Lord there and everything!)

Following: My ambitions.

Noticing: That this train is a lot emptier now! (We’re currently losing a load at Sheffield.) Apparently not many people travel from Leeds all the way to Nottingham! Oh wait, there is a good throng waiting to get on…I hope I get to keep the spare seat next to me…

Knowing: Big exciting things are happening right now, & that I should enjoy the ride despite the highs and lows.

Thinking: There’s a breeze coming from the open train door. It’s cold. Shut it please. Thank you.

Feeling: A little bit stressed most the time, but very excited to see my sister for a proper good sisterling catch up.

Admiring: How well dressed & fashionable the people of Leeds are and how I need to step up my game!

Buying: From the wonderful budget life-saver that is Kirkgate market.

Getting: Excited about the weekend.

Bookmarking: Recipes and black handbags from River Island.

Opening: …a new chapter in my life?

Giggling: With friends, colleagues, and (very soon no doubt) with family.

Centre Parcs! (The long overdue post!)

A couple of weeks ago a few wonderful friends & myself went off to Sherwood Forest (THE best Centre Parcs) and had a fantastic weekend there.

Here are a few snaps of the highlights :)












So badly want to go back there!! Fortunately we are recreating the pancake-house this weekend in honour of pancake day (aka an excuse to have lots & lots of pancakes!)

How did you spend your pancake day?