The ZOO! (A weekend back in the Shire)

Last weekend I returned to the (Nottingham)Shire to visit my lovely sister & her manfriend. Naturally as a bunch of young hip twenty-somethings we wined, dined, and visited the zoo.

I was ridiculously excited about this later activity, as it had been close to a decade since I’ve last been to a zoo (although the safari in Africa in 2012 was close…but not quite the same). This specific activity was inspired by the recent announcement that the zoo had welcomed two baby leopard cubs! We were lucky enough to get a brief glimpse of the babies at the opening of their den, as they were a bit intimated by the mass of people oggling them, but didn’t manage to catch a picture I’m afraid! I can report however they were fluffy, small, and very very cute.

I did however manage to catch many many many other shots from the day (millions of the baby meerkats…literally…) fortunately for you guys I have reduced the volume into a few top snaps from the day.




Baby Elephant! 6 months old!! (I believe)




A Meerkat ball to keep the babies warm! Simply adorable.


Just chillin’


Baby Meerkats!



Me and my big sisterling <3

In the evening, the boy & I skipped out to join some friends for a brief catch up, which was predictably mental and as always so much fun. I wish I could see these wonderful ladies more often. It’s always hard keeping in touch with old friends (can’t believe I just used that term!) once you’ve gone to Uni, especially if you don’t wind up working back near home (which for me was Nottingham). That’s why you always have to make the effort to join in when you can, even if it is just for a little while.


The next morning dawned wet. Really really wet. The town of West Bridgeford where we were staying was reduced to a children’s swimming pool level, with the odd bit risking diving availability! To combat this awful ‘August’ weather, we chose to eat tasty bacon pancakes at the trendy nearby eaterie the ‘Mud Crab’. It’s a favourite spot of the sister’s & manfriend and the food is always superb.




To conclude, it was both a fun-filled and slobby weekend of enjoyment, it was so nice to catch up with the people I care an awful lot about but am rather rubbish at keeping in touch with. It’s one of those things though isn’t it, that the people you know you’ll always be able to meet up with and have a great time are often those you don’t speak to for months & months! Most of the time, fortunately, you’re able to pick up just where you left off :).



Underneath the Stars: beautiful musical loveliness

How’do. Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting an extremely hot and balmy Barnsley (who’ve thought), for the wonderful ‘Underneath the Stars’ festival. The first of its kind, the folky gathering was inspired & arranged by the lovely and amazing Kate Rusby (folk singing legend – like Kim Kardashian of the folk world…well…with less plastic in her posterior…and talent) and the larger part of her extended family.   IMG_2435 IMG_2438 IMG_2440 The weather was ridiculous, really there was no escape from the sun and it was absolutely boiling! Having lived in the North of England for 4 years solidly this was a slight shock to the system, but very enjoyable once adapted to. I may have even tanned – and by tanned I mean become slightly less white than before, on the pasty-scale I’m now more of a ‘light latte’ than ‘marshmallow white’ – WIN. IMG_2455 IMG_2459   All the stages & set areas were named after Kate Rusby songs, a nice touch, which always maintained a running Rusby soundtrack to activities – which is no bad thing at all! Generally what stood out about the festival was its attention to detail and friendly atmosphere. Really friendly, this is Yorkshire after all!   IMG_2506 A note, every woman should own a Wonder Woman shirt, it makes you feel like you can conquer….and look bad ass. IMG_2475 An abundance of bunting & fairy lights made for a happy Kirsty and great consistent festival vibe! IMG_2515   IMG_2532   Aaand the lady herself! You can tell she’s not used to standing up there without her guitar! I absolutely love this artist and have done pretty much as long as I can remember. Not only is she an amazing performer with a voice that could melt the coldest of hearts, but she is also one of the nicest & friendliest artist’s I have seen live. To be quite honest, I would love just to have a natter with her over some proper Yorkshire Tea.

Kate released her new album ‘Ghost’ on the Saturday of the festival, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! Until then, I’ve popped in here a favourite songs of hers, and the name sake of the festival, for your listening enjoyment :).


(Some gorgeous brass parts in their too, another dream would be to perform these with the lovely lady!)

On this note, I’m thinking of resuming my ‘Folk Off!’ duties. For those of you unfamiliar with ‘Folk Off!’, this was my folk specialist radio show I produced & presented whilst at University. Though I may no longer have a fully equipped studio at my disposal, (although I do have some great portable kit I could use) I think I shall resume duties through a written blog format, delivering CD reviews, music news, and related tip-bits. If you like the sound of that, watch this space!

What festivals have you guys been going to?


Return of the internet: The Tour de France

Hello! Goodness me I must admit I have been shockingly poor at writing on here for a while! Lack of internet will do that to a person, and apart from scribbling notes down at work it was unavoidable! Until now! Thank god.

So to update you, I’m now living in the long related flat with the boy, and loving it :). Pics to follow, as I’m awaiting a few final touches first!

First morning in the flat was July 5th. In Leeds. Tour de France day! So on our first day in our own space we…got up stupidly early and got to the Headrow (aka staring line) for about 20 to 7…AM!




IMG_1934Looking remarkably chirpy considering…

The atmosphere was amazing and despite the difficulties of tall people stood all around us we did manage to get a sneeky peek of the starting line.









How did you guys celebrate the Tour?