Welcome to Bob

I’m currently sat on a boring dark train ride, with only the dim lights of other people outside cosied up at home to occupy me. So naturally I decide to write a blog post!


Now many of these blog things have a array of ‘get to know the author’ posts, where you the reader can be all nosy and stuff about what makes me tick or plain ticks me off. So I thought I would whack a bit more about me on here. But only the interesting bits, I doubt you really care what my favourite type if vegetable is. (Broccolli fyi…)

1. I have a weird habbit of liking things in parallels on train tables, coffee tables, and basically an small table-like objects. This means I like it when the purse, ipod, and water bottle are all nice spaces apart on the train journey home, (as right now for example). Now some people think this is mad. I partially aggree with then.


2. There are few things in life that cheer me up as much as a good sing-song in an empty house/flat. Belting out a good old tune at the top of your voice whilst on your tod is the best feeling in the world, or at least pretty close. Top favourites include ‘Time After Time’ by Sandy Denny, and anything from ‘Wicked’ the musical – ehich incidentally I really want to go and see.

3. I have an extremely ticklish neck. This is a problem during nice relaxing massages. They massage. I tense. They massage harder. I spasm. I giggle.
Along the same lines…

4. My stomach grumbles ridiculously loudly. Recent victim of its decibles includes Dan of ‘Dancing Through The Fire’ , who can support this. My stomach doesn’t just subtly suggest I might be peckish. Oh no. Rumbles of volcanic proportions instistently plague me to let me know ‘IT’S FEEDING TIME’. when did this last affect my life? The most recent incident occured in the Centre Parcs Spa. Myself and possibly the best people ever invaded the Sherwood Forest last weekend (blog post to come) and one day us girls went to the spa for a relax and slight alcohol detox from the weekend. Naturally it got to 11 o’clock (am), a dreadfull 2+ hours since I’d eaten breakfast- imagine – how horrific – and we were steaming in a hot greek room with strangers. It was the first time we had been sat with a group of people facing each other all day. It had previously been quite quiet. And this, ladies and gentlemen, was the moment my stomach picked to go a wee bit mad. It got so bad, the lady opposite me was apologising for laughing. We left fairly swiftly.

5. I am one of those mad people who have completed Gold Duke of Edinburgh. Even madder in fact I have done all Bronze, Silver & Gold. You’d think I would have learnt. Oh no. For 2 of the awards, I did Belly Dancing as my sport, and can still do a tummy roll. This is not exactly a useful skill, but it’s a great hit at parties.

6. I’m currently a member of a championship section brass band, ‘The Hebden Bridge Brass Band’. We’re competing in the Yorkshire Areas in the first weekend of March, up against arguably the best bands in the world, as it’s in Yorkshire (and Lancashire I suppose…) where banding is at its best internationally. We’re up against the likes of Black Dyke, Grimesthorpe, and Brighouse & Rastrick. Yeah. I think we’ll just head to the pub as soon as possible!


7. My hair is naturally blonde. As I was told repeatedly it would fade to brunette as a kid I am quite proud of my golden locks. Clearly it was my mental determination that overcame my hairs’ darkening destiny, and not just handy genetics…. It annoys me enormously when people think I dye it, but I also quite like the fact having this colour naturally is unusual, if not rare :). My Welsh Gran uses my colour to prove she has natural blonde hair. She doesn’t. From that…

8. I’m half Welsh. My Dad was Wrexham born, from a long line of Welshy types. As a Welsh Vet he’s got his fair share of ‘sheep jokes’ over the years. The fact my sister & I love singing and have been in so many choirs is, according to my Dad, entirely dur to our Welsh roots. Of course Dad. This also means the 6 Nations is not only an event in my house, but the very atmosphere of the place will depend on how the last Wales game went. England vs Wales is a tricky affair, although for me and the sister we sit quite comfortably and win either way :). I personally like to go Welsh during the rugby. Firstly to tease my English pals went it doesn’t go their way, and so I can spew pathetic welsh during games. Plus, the Welsh mostly win more. We won’t talk about the last game….

9. I once spent an hour playing Star Wars at a wedding with a 3 year old. He is my cousins’ son, and awesome company on the dance floor. I had an extremely un-ladylike ‘glow’ coming off the floor after said space battle. My family assumed I was drunk. Oh no. No-one should need any alcoholic encouragement to play Star Wars. Fact.

10. I am a National Field Archery Champion on the American Flat bow (with wooden arrows).

11. I am quite terrified of my building lift. Just that lift. Other don’t bother me. My lift to my top floor flat makes darn terrifying noises. And is veeery slow to release you. A slightly tense lifting experience.


This pretty much covers the interesting (or not it’s rather up to you isn’t it?) bits about me.
Let me know your thoughts if you fancy it.

Ta ta for now,

Bob xxx


New Camera Love <3


After saving up birthday & Chrimbo monies, I finally managed to get myself a nice shiny toy…being my new camera! The Canon 600d. Yes I’m still learning how to use it! This is one of the rare occasions I have actually read the manual…

As the boy lives in a ridiculously beautiful area of Lancashire I decided to take the camera along for a few shots. Now he may live in a beautiful area but…it was very wet. And cold. And windy.

IMG_0151  IMG_0161 IMG_0173 IMG_0189 IMG_0192 IMG_0204 IMG_0213 IMG_0029

IMG_0031 IMG_0149


So the weather wasn’t great, but through Spring/Summer there should be some awesome  happy snaps!

Ta ta for now!

Bob x

Got a job, feeling skint – I don’t know about you but I’m feeling (nearly) 22!

So gang. It’s been a while. Sorry about that.

Truth be told it’s all been a wee bit mad recently. I believe a scribbled last on the cusp of returning to Leeds having just finished my internship there, so allow me to fill you in on what’s been occurin’.

I’m now living with a school friend of my sister’s and her manfriend, which is working rather swimmingly as said manfriend is away a lot during the week, allowing me to actually be a useful addition to the living situation (rather than the usual annoyance) and keep said female flatmate company. All is working well. The office is only approximately 8mins walk away, and right in the heart of Leeds (for which I sleep wearing ear plugs, but otherwise is entirely useful).

Since moving across I went on a short but amazing family trip to Rome with the nucleus home crew. As possibly one of (if not THE) last family holidays with ‘no additional boys’ it was nice to revisit family holiday routine. Rome was AMAZING. As a history bod I was in complete heaven. The ruins in particular were bliddy awesome. What struck me however was that all the buildings were beautiful. There were no concrete blocks hidden away, or hideously photobombing a picturesque scene. Yes it probably helped that (unlike cities like London) they weren’t bombed like mad during the World Wars!

They say a picture paints a thousand words. So if I just uploaded the album, could I just leave it there? Well, I basically have!

The photo that coined the term 'posh selfie'

The photo that coined the term ‘posh selfie’



This is my Dad btw, not just a random Roman man I decided to embrace and grin at like a loon.

Dad being arty. It is actually quite good.

Dad being arty. It is actually quite good.

Mum said pull a funny face. I was left hanging.

Mum said pull a funny face. I was left hanging.

Wish I was back there!

Wish I was back there!




Moi, Ally, and the Mothership. I’m 5’3″ btw…



Dad displaying his not too shabby photo skillz


The skyline was possibly my favourite part…maybe…


Definitely not with Dad’s posh camera!


My first cappuccino. It was tasty. Mum said it was just bliddy good. Ahh well.


The boy told me to do the ‘Gladiator’ pose. This was my response.


No, THIS was my favourite part.


It was tasty.


The sky was really that blue. No filters.


I could’ve popped these pictures together to save space, but I love these pictures and believe they should remain big. So they have.

Anyways so that was an awesome awesome week. My ‘summer holiday’ in October, as I had missed so many others trying to be good and work….grrrrr. Today however this paid off, as (officially today) I am signed and sealed into employment!! I officially work for money and everything! Terribly exciting stuff. After a month’s ‘probation-esque’ interning, I have today signed the contract. It’s official!

This, combined with the fact it’s my birthday next Sunday, (when I will turn actual 22 – not the Taylor Swift  ’14 year old’s version of 22′ where you just worry about boys. I will worry about paying for food) means this is a particularly exciting time for me at the moment, which is nice after my slightly moany previous blog when I felt a tad disheartened!

The boy is still out in ‘Greater Manchester/Lancashire’ (he lives on several borders) which on the downside means we’re back to brief ad hoc weekend spells. This is just how it has to be for a wee while however, and hopefully we shall get to ‘shell up’ (the extremely cute word for ‘nesting’ used by my flatmates) very soon.

Oh and I also joined a brass band.

So there you have it gang. It’s all been a bit mad. I will endeavour to be a bit more faithful to you on here, promise :)

Until next time, ta ta for now.


I bought a Blazer.

I am a terrible shopper. By this I do not mean that I shop a lot, or that I never do. Neither do I buy stupid things. The issue is I tend to buy similar things. This has been the case for years now, and many ‘I have nothing to where’ panics have been the result. An example – I discovered ‘shirts were my thing’ after years of wearing the odd one and realising they often fit both boobs and waist – huzah! However, having recently become a Modern Family addict I realised my wardrobe now resembles that of 35+ mother of 3 Claire Dunphey. I’m 21. Ouch.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 21.14.57

It doesn’t help that we pretty much share a haircut either…*cough* Imanaturalblondetho *cough*

What doesn’t help is that everyone else seems so much more clued up on this stuff than me! Certainly working in the PR world this is has become very prevalent. When does everyone suddenly know this stuff? I took an interest as a teenager, in being I read my sister’s Elle magazine after she’d used it sometimes…

Since the blogging world has exploded all over the internet’s face there are constantly beautifully turned out stylist people on all my social platforms, and these aren’t all fashion professionals – oh no – these are my friends, my acquaintances, and total randoms who are just naturally able to know when clashy-clashy is yes, and when it’s *good god no darling*.

When did this happen?! When did I look away and suddenly turn around to a cat-walk on the high street?! I DON’T EVEN KNOW MY BODY SHAPE! IT MIGHT BE HOURGLASS? BUT MAYBE I’M FRUIT! HELL CALL ME A BANANA!

Next week is a big week for me [watch this space] so I want to look my best. Well. I want to look the best I should and can. Better than normal. Good basically. Which means pushing myself out of my textural comfort zone.

The blazer was spied through a Mango window. The urge to try it on was resisted for 3 days and then naturally I gave in, because I have been attempting to make myself try on clothes I wouldn’t normally, or think would look better on ‘other people’. Now I am small, 5’3” (and 3/4, I’m going specific dam-nit!) which I generally like, however it does create issues within the whole clothing area. Especially as I’m not one of those skinny skinny small girls. I have calves, boobs, and arms, which is an issue for any petite store section, (particularly you Topshop – my love for you will never end but good god people I have a body to get in these trousers!) So finding a blazer that actually flatters me, and doesn’t make me look a) square or b) teeny tiny legged has been an issue going back years. I therefore assumed the blazer would fail. However IT FITTED AND LOOKED NICE AND YAY.

Said blazer. It's comfy. It makes me look posh. I can wear slobby t-shirts under and pretend I am fashionable. I like.

Said blazer. It’s comfy. It makes me look posh. I can wear slobby t-shirts under and pretend I am fashionable. I like.

In conclusion – I suck at looking stylish. Yes it’s not a necessary in life, but I would like to look vaguely fashionable. It would be cool. So I am going to try and stuff. My next planned move is to get some little black ankle boots as a working outfit staple. They seem to be a good comfy/stylish compromise for me and look smarter than my current Clarks. (Once on mentioning I got my shoes from Clarks at one PR agency, I actually received a negative judgemental reaction – CLARKS IS COMFY AND SENSIBLE DAMN-IT!)

Any tips, advice, or other fashion suffering, please scribble below. I like reading comments.

Until the next ramble… Ta ta for now.


p.s I really really want these… I blame Caitlin Moran.


Fashion yay or nay these shall be mine...when I have money...

Fashion yay or nay these shall be mine…when I have money…

I want a macaron.

Hey, it’s been a while. Sorry. Honestly things have been utterly mental week after week recently. I finished my Leeds internship- this you know- and briefly crashed at home for some well needed RnR after a big batch of round one interviews.

I have now been interning in Manchester for two weeks- which is crazy because it feels so much longer. As I am staying with the boy out in the sticks, it’s a considerable commute into the city each day, which is rather hardcore. Leaving at quarter past 7am to return 7pm is very new to me!

I am now very much looking forward to an actual 2-day weekend (as I worked last Saturday) and am currently heading home to Notts with the boy.


I have also been doing a couple of market research days (hence working last weekend) with a York PR company at the Uni, which rather got me nostalgic! The boy’s younger brother is (as of tomorrow) off to University,  the exact same Uni in fact, which has not aided this slight pining for studenthood!

This has meant a slight feeling of blue has decended upon the intern recently. I won’t bulls**t you, the job hunt is really wearing me down now. It’s coming up to a year since I started applying for things. A long year of dissertation, applications, exams, more applications, surviving on adrenaline, interviews, endless train travelling, and job rejections. It’s relentless and hard going. Today I also discovered that one genuinely lovely freelancer working alongside me in Manchester also graduated this summer, and has been paid for the same time I have been struggling away. This hardly shifted my slight blue lense.

I however cannot be a mope about this. Mopes are not only unhelpful in general to themselves and the people around them, they are also terrible company. So yes, this is an honest post about how I sometimes find all of this interning a little challenging- but there are definite pro’s too.

1. I am getting 2nd round interviews. I may hate them at the moment for extending the gut wrenching wait proceeding every first interview- but I am getting called back. This should not be underestimated. If you are at all in a similar situation do not put down that achievement.

2. They may even say yes. Yes historical sceptism says I will fail- but what good does that do! Innocent till proven guilty, or ‘not a no yet’ should always be remembered.

3. I am getting to live with the boy, something I am very very happy about.

To conclude a possibly moany yet hopefully uplifting post- things are tough but they will get better.

p.s I have spent most the day looking at baking products. Funky cupcakes and importantly awesome macarons. I want one. Or several. Please.

p.p.s Just started clicking loudly along to music on the train- forgetting my fellow travellers cannot hear it. Standard.

Absence makes the heart grow founder…


Heya gang, sorry I’ve been a bit poor form on here recently. I’ve been having a very necessary RnR session at home in Nottingham.

Until a proper post goes up, feel free to have a listen to today’s bit of productive fun. Years in the thought tank, a couple of hours in the making :) Hope you enjoy it.

Speak soon!



Good evening! Apologies for my recent silence, I was of course at this years Fairport Cropredy Convention this weekend, sparing any phone charge I could, and then last night rather collapsed in a heap after making my housemates yummy chicken bacon cheesy pasta bake. No I didn’t take a picture. I was hungry.

Now, to the weekend! It was utterly fab as expected and anticipated. This year I travelled down solo on the train, as my cohorts managed to get a lift down from the Manchester with family visiting friends. I was very jealous.

On the Friday I dragged my ‘Ninga Turtle’ backpacked self to the station, already ending up sweaty, hot, and bothered by the time I got there – which didn’t bode well for a weekend without regular showers! Luckily all was well, and after a few annoying but uneventful train delays I managed to arrive into Banbury station around 6 o’clock after over 4 hours travelling.

mixed cropredy pics

My tent (and festival amigos) were not expected to arrive for another hour, so I got back stage with my trusty press band and managed to catch up with a few familiar and friendly faces from last year. I was slightly gutted to have missed not only Lunasa, featured on Folk Off! when chatty man Kevin Crawley was interviewed on the show, I also missed Roberts & Lakeman who I have not yet had the opportunity to see live, and the Moulettes whose music I am increasingly enjoying. Tis sadly the norm of that big bad thing ‘adult life’ to miss such fun however, and I was just glad I got to go at all really.

Eventually the rest of the gang arrived, after a hilarious phone call where I attempted to trust the Boy’s directional judgement…never again! We got set up and after some ‘musical tents’ fun over where the 2 non-press ticket people could or couldn’t sleep, we managed to create a little base for ourselves together. After hunting down some food, listening to some great acts and cracking out some lovely beers (mine was an Old Speckled Hen, one of my favs) we got to see The Levellers and 10cc live which was of course fantastic.


After a surprisingly comfy sleep due to the wonders that is an air bed, we arose the next day and immediately sort out cooked meat in the form of bacon and sausage. We wondered down to the usual spot, a fab church cafe just before Cropredy village which does excellent (and not too pricey) tea and breakfast butties. We all stuffed ourselves with bacon, sausage, and egg baps, and the morning was greatly improved!

We then spent most the day soaking up the wonderful atmosphere that is Cropredy festival. This involved a lot of smiling, and being smiled at, by everyone passing – a lovely yet under-rated feature of this immensely friendly festival! It also involved trying on silly hats, drinking a couple more beers and a smidgen of whisky, and generally soaking up the sun and sound of the Convention.

funny hats

Naturally when the Peatbog Faeries took the stage on the late Saturday afternoon they went down a storm. I can safely say I have never clapped my hands so hard for so long. As predicted the happy, sometimes merry, festival audience loved the folk-techno group, and there were many of us leaping and jumping around by the end! As big fans of the Faeries, our group were particularly enthusiastic!

Finally, the big finale, the 3 hour Fairport set. As last year was the 45th anniversary of the band forming, they managed to drag many of the old boys back for a very varied concert. This year was understandably a little simpler, with earlier artists Rob Thomas, Martin Barre, and Nik Kershaw joining the band to offer a variety of tunes and sing-alongs.

My highlight, as ever, was the after party. Last year, we joined the press team after the big Saturday concert for celebratory drinks. And there were many! This year as we had mostly kept to ourselves, we felt scabbing free drinks wasn’t a great idea. So me and the boy sat around until things started to get going at roughly 2:30am. I got to have a good play on the old trumpet, accompanied by legends such as Dave Pegg, but couldn’t quite make it to last year’s 4am mark as I was stupidly tired! It is always a bit odd leaving the ‘around 60+ year olds’ partying and going to bed!

crop pics

The festival was great fun as always, and I dearly hope I get to nip back next year. Goodness knows where I’l be and what I’l be doing by then!

That’s all for now folks,

Ta ta for now,


#03 Fab Food Day

So as you (might) know last night I nipped back to Nottingham for a few hours…and ended up staying over at my family home because I cba to travel back late (and my lift wanted a pint in the pub, hahaaa).

So today’s food was a little spontaneous. Thankfully, despite the fact my fam are currently on holiday in Scotland (the Isle of Skye to be exact – very jealous, the ale up there is awesome) there was milk for breakfast and importantly a cup of tea. WINNING.

There was also conveniently some bread and choritzo, which became my lunch in a sandwich form. Yum yum.


They may be thin, but they were yummy – and importantly FREE!

No leaves for me today! I was sad to be without my granola however, and my hungry tummy around 2/3 o’clock was too!

Fortunately, an office treat came in the form of a spectacular blast from the past!


So much nostalgia.

I don’t know about you, but Fruit Pastills Lollies remind me of some of the best days out of my childhood. Holidays, castles, adventure play parks, you get the idea. So when a colleague produced a bag of ice lollies and my beady eyes saw there were some of these beauties in there I snaffled one up sharpish!

Finally, I managed to meet up with my very lovely cousin, who also lives in Leeds. We are trying to meet up once a week as previously it’s been more like twice a year! So far it has been working swimmingly, and it’s always a fab night of amazing food and better company. Lots of nattering! On Tuesday I walked past Red’s on my lunch break, and after once more getting another fab waft of BBQ yumminess in my face I immediately text my cousin asking if we fancied going for a bite this week. Today was the day and it was as awesome as anticipated!


Oh Mama.

I decided to tuck into the Red’s cheese burger, (Housemade steak burgers, with melted Jack cheese, house-smoked streaky bacon, tomato, lettuce, red onion, dill pickles, American mustard and dirty sauce on a glazed artisan burger bun. Served with fries. Boo ya) and my companion favoured the Donut Burger (Two house-made 100% steak burgers flame grilled over hickory, melted double Jack cheese, smoked peppered bacon dirty sauce and deep fried crispy onions, all between two sweet glazed donuts. Served with fried pickled pickles and skin-on fries. Oh yeah). Needless to say, it was fab. The service was really good, all the staff were really friendly and the food was fast. What more do you want?! Very happy Bob.

So yeah remember when I said this was going to be a healthy food thing. Scrap that. I can do that I make the rules. This is my blog innit…yeah. What it’s going to be is the food I eat, the music I listen to, and sometimes a combo of the two. A tasty combination I think.

Until next one amigoes,

Ta ta for now,


#02 On a train

So tonight I am dashing home from Leeds to Newark for a couple of hours after work. Why? Because I am ridiculous.

This weekend is the Fairport Cropredy Convention, a big music festival of world, 80s, and folk genres. Last year I got backstage with a couple a press passes for my folk specialist radio show Folk Off! and had an awesome time. A particular highlight was getting merry at the aftershow party on the Saturday night, pinching Anna Ryder’s (awesome amazing musician) trumpet, and playing along with the best of my, and my Dad’s, favourite bands. (He was very jealous.)

This year as I condition I was told to bring my own trumpet. Now as I’ve been job hunting, I feared I wouldn’t be able to go. So avoided bringing said instrument to Leeds in case. It turns out I can go, so naturally I am off back to the Midlands to get it, so I can play along once more. I told you it was silly.

It does however mean I get to (briefly) see my friends living at home for the summer for a couple of hours, which is a definite win! To the pub we go!


In this light, my dinner/tea/evening munchies tonight consists of a bacon a brie pannini with some sort of exciting chutney. Not exactly healthy, but as I ate leaves and more granola today I think it’s allowed…paahaaa.

Suggested Soundtrack:
I heartily suggest that next time you find yourselves on a train,  you listen to Solas – a fab Irish/American folk band I have been enjoying for years. They are as great live as they are on the ipod, if not better. Next time you’re on a train, look them up. They are a perfect soundtrack for passing fields, sheep, and bunny rabbits.

Have a lovely evening folks, I will be :)

Ta ta for now,


p.s Now I’m at a computer I’m going to pop a couple of Solas tunes in here for your listening enjoyment,

This was the tune soundtracking my pannini last night,

And this is my favourite Solas tune;