The ZOO! (A weekend back in the Shire)

Last weekend I returned to the (Nottingham)Shire to visit my lovely sister & her manfriend. Naturally as a bunch of young hip twenty-somethings we wined, dined, and visited the zoo.

I was ridiculously excited about this later activity, as it had been close to a decade since I’ve last been to a zoo (although the safari in Africa in 2012 was close…but not quite the same). This specific activity was inspired by the recent announcement that the zoo had welcomed two baby leopard cubs! We were lucky enough to get a brief glimpse of the babies at the opening of their den, as they were a bit intimated by the mass of people oggling them, but didn’t manage to catch a picture I’m afraid! I can report however they were fluffy, small, and very very cute.

I did however manage to catch many many many other shots from the day (millions of the baby meerkats…literally…) fortunately for you guys I have reduced the volume into a few top snaps from the day.




Baby Elephant! 6 months old!! (I believe)




A Meerkat ball to keep the babies warm! Simply adorable.


Just chillin’


Baby Meerkats!



Me and my big sisterling <3

In the evening, the boy & I skipped out to join some friends for a brief catch up, which was predictably mental and as always so much fun. I wish I could see these wonderful ladies more often. It’s always hard keeping in touch with old friends (can’t believe I just used that term!) once you’ve gone to Uni, especially if you don’t wind up working back near home (which for me was Nottingham). That’s why you always have to make the effort to join in when you can, even if it is just for a little while.


The next morning dawned wet. Really really wet. The town of West Bridgeford where we were staying was reduced to a children’s swimming pool level, with the odd bit risking diving availability! To combat this awful ‘August’ weather, we chose to eat tasty bacon pancakes at the trendy nearby eaterie the ‘Mud Crab’. It’s a favourite spot of the sister’s & manfriend and the food is always superb.




To conclude, it was both a fun-filled and slobby weekend of enjoyment, it was so nice to catch up with the people I care an awful lot about but am rather rubbish at keeping in touch with. It’s one of those things though isn’t it, that the people you know you’ll always be able to meet up with and have a great time are often those you don’t speak to for months & months! Most of the time, fortunately, you’re able to pick up just where you left off :).



Taking Stock


I recently came across this on the lovely Dan’s blog, and as this is a busy, frustrating, yet highly exciting time in my life thought I should indeed – take stock.

Making: Life complicated for myself.

Cooking: Soup is a frequent happening. This week, banana bread baking occured due to my mushy inedible banana availability and my weekend trip to the sister (who happens to love banana bread).

Drinking: (Soon). I am currently training to Nottingham to visit aforementioned banana-bread appreciating sister. The wine is already in the fridge. Rose’ – Pink Chill. Classy ladies.

Reading: Sadly right now I am not reading for pleasure, it’s something that has come with very little room available for my life and the ever prospect of moving, which makes me hesitant to gather all my books from home. I have however just read the latest Stylist – both male & female editions – as I don’t comfortably ‘fit’ for either publication alone. I like clothes – I also like gaming.

Wanting: My own flat. A car. A glass of wine.

Playing: At adult life, and with my (fairly) new camera :).

Wasting: My time on trains.

Fixing: My life, I think.

Deciding: Where & what I can afford to live in.

Wishing: I had more money coming in!

Enjoying: Beginning to feel comfortable in my new job!

Waiting: For other people to decide what I can afford.

Liking: My current cheesy dance music/80s rock rave on a dark train journey. *Silent rave*

Wondering: What the next few months will hold in store for me. Despite the difficulties, I know this is a really exciting time!

Loving: Visits from the boy.

Pondering: Whether I should write more opinionated content on my blog…

Considering: Buying a new external hard drive, as my old brick is dieing & I need that sexy memory for work video editing!

Watching: From a flat-mate recommendation – I watched my first episode of Nashville this week. Watch this space. Also together we are getting through A LOT of the sci-fi series Fringe & The Real Housewives of New Jersey (I know their names now…)

Hoping: The boy can come across to Leeds and we can get a little nest together soon!

Marvelling: At what a fantastic city Leeds is, and how many amazing friends & family members I can meet up with!

Needing: Money & time. And sleep. And wine.

Smelling: Not a lot, my nose is slightly blocked.

Wearing: A smart ‘business-y’ Monsoon dress, as I had a couple of posh work events today, (there was a Lord there and everything!)

Following: My ambitions.

Noticing: That this train is a lot emptier now! (We’re currently losing a load at Sheffield.) Apparently not many people travel from Leeds all the way to Nottingham! Oh wait, there is a good throng waiting to get on…I hope I get to keep the spare seat next to me…

Knowing: Big exciting things are happening right now, & that I should enjoy the ride despite the highs and lows.

Thinking: There’s a breeze coming from the open train door. It’s cold. Shut it please. Thank you.

Feeling: A little bit stressed most the time, but very excited to see my sister for a proper good sisterling catch up.

Admiring: How well dressed & fashionable the people of Leeds are and how I need to step up my game!

Buying: From the wonderful budget life-saver that is Kirkgate market.

Getting: Excited about the weekend.

Bookmarking: Recipes and black handbags from River Island.

Opening: …a new chapter in my life?

Giggling: With friends, colleagues, and (very soon no doubt) with family.

Got a job, feeling skint – I don’t know about you but I’m feeling (nearly) 22!

So gang. It’s been a while. Sorry about that.

Truth be told it’s all been a wee bit mad recently. I believe a scribbled last on the cusp of returning to Leeds having just finished my internship there, so allow me to fill you in on what’s been occurin’.

I’m now living with a school friend of my sister’s and her manfriend, which is working rather swimmingly as said manfriend is away a lot during the week, allowing me to actually be a useful addition to the living situation (rather than the usual annoyance) and keep said female flatmate company. All is working well. The office is only approximately 8mins walk away, and right in the heart of Leeds (for which I sleep wearing ear plugs, but otherwise is entirely useful).

Since moving across I went on a short but amazing family trip to Rome with the nucleus home crew. As possibly one of (if not THE) last family holidays with ‘no additional boys’ it was nice to revisit family holiday routine. Rome was AMAZING. As a history bod I was in complete heaven. The ruins in particular were bliddy awesome. What struck me however was that all the buildings were beautiful. There were no concrete blocks hidden away, or hideously photobombing a picturesque scene. Yes it probably helped that (unlike cities like London) they weren’t bombed like mad during the World Wars!

They say a picture paints a thousand words. So if I just uploaded the album, could I just leave it there? Well, I basically have!

The photo that coined the term 'posh selfie'

The photo that coined the term ‘posh selfie’



This is my Dad btw, not just a random Roman man I decided to embrace and grin at like a loon.

Dad being arty. It is actually quite good.

Dad being arty. It is actually quite good.

Mum said pull a funny face. I was left hanging.

Mum said pull a funny face. I was left hanging.

Wish I was back there!

Wish I was back there!




Moi, Ally, and the Mothership. I’m 5’3″ btw…



Dad displaying his not too shabby photo skillz


The skyline was possibly my favourite part…maybe…


Definitely not with Dad’s posh camera!


My first cappuccino. It was tasty. Mum said it was just bliddy good. Ahh well.


The boy told me to do the ‘Gladiator’ pose. This was my response.


No, THIS was my favourite part.


It was tasty.


The sky was really that blue. No filters.


I could’ve popped these pictures together to save space, but I love these pictures and believe they should remain big. So they have.

Anyways so that was an awesome awesome week. My ‘summer holiday’ in October, as I had missed so many others trying to be good and work….grrrrr. Today however this paid off, as (officially today) I am signed and sealed into employment!! I officially work for money and everything! Terribly exciting stuff. After a month’s ‘probation-esque’ interning, I have today signed the contract. It’s official!

This, combined with the fact it’s my birthday next Sunday, (when I will turn actual 22 – not the Taylor Swift  ’14 year old’s version of 22′ where you just worry about boys. I will worry about paying for food) means this is a particularly exciting time for me at the moment, which is nice after my slightly moany previous blog when I felt a tad disheartened!

The boy is still out in ‘Greater Manchester/Lancashire’ (he lives on several borders) which on the downside means we’re back to brief ad hoc weekend spells. This is just how it has to be for a wee while however, and hopefully we shall get to ‘shell up’ (the extremely cute word for ‘nesting’ used by my flatmates) very soon.

Oh and I also joined a brass band.

So there you have it gang. It’s all been a bit mad. I will endeavour to be a bit more faithful to you on here, promise :)

Until next time, ta ta for now.