New pad, and a very decent hall

This weekend has been a manic one. I’ve moved out of the city centre into the leafy song-bird soundtracked suburbs,  complete with Kirkstall Abbey, squirrels, and hedgehogs!


City living was hugely convenient, the 10 minute walk to work was amazing and everything was a walk away, but I’m a country bumpkin, and after a long bank holiday weekend at home surrounded by good old green fields I am so happy to be out in the suburbs! Although, maybe ask me again after the morning commute to work!

Friday and Saturday were mad packing days, which was enormous fun. I really hate packing! Trying to get all my stuff across was a bit of a nightmare but we managed it!

After a looong day of packing, unpacking and seeing my family and the boy yesterday, followed by a fun filled evening with my room mates, today we trooped into Leeds for a good shop. And I got quite a good hall…


I am currently OBSESSED with the mint green shades all around at the moment. Big fan. And it’s been a good 6 years since I got my last pair of Converse so thought I would treat myself to a pair of mint green low tops, although I did have to stop myself grabbing a burgundy & blue patent dual layers!


For those sunny days which we (hopefully) have in plentiful supply on the horizon, I got some similarly Topshop light green sandals. Happy Kirsty.


Whilst in Topshop I couldn’t resist picking up this gold triangle necklace, and whilst the boy was trying on clothes I naturally found a checked shirt in Topman I fancied. Because why not cut out the middle man!


I’m definitely looking forward to taking these along next weekend to Woking when I meet up with a few Uni friends!

What spring/summery purchases have you been hoarding lately?



I bought a Blazer.

I am a terrible shopper. By this I do not mean that I shop a lot, or that I never do. Neither do I buy stupid things. The issue is I tend to buy similar things. This has been the case for years now, and many ‘I have nothing to where’ panics have been the result. An example – I discovered ‘shirts were my thing’ after years of wearing the odd one and realising they often fit both boobs and waist – huzah! However, having recently become a Modern Family addict I realised my wardrobe now resembles that of 35+ mother of 3 Claire Dunphey. I’m 21. Ouch.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 21.14.57

It doesn’t help that we pretty much share a haircut either…*cough* Imanaturalblondetho *cough*

What doesn’t help is that everyone else seems so much more clued up on this stuff than me! Certainly working in the PR world this is has become very prevalent. When does everyone suddenly know this stuff? I took an interest as a teenager, in being I read my sister’s Elle magazine after she’d used it sometimes…

Since the blogging world has exploded all over the internet’s face there are constantly beautifully turned out stylist people on all my social platforms, and these aren’t all fashion professionals – oh no – these are my friends, my acquaintances, and total randoms who are just naturally able to know when clashy-clashy is yes, and when it’s *good god no darling*.

When did this happen?! When did I look away and suddenly turn around to a cat-walk on the high street?! I DON’T EVEN KNOW MY BODY SHAPE! IT MIGHT BE HOURGLASS? BUT MAYBE I’M FRUIT! HELL CALL ME A BANANA!

Next week is a big week for me [watch this space] so I want to look my best. Well. I want to look the best I should and can. Better than normal. Good basically. Which means pushing myself out of my textural comfort zone.

The blazer was spied through a Mango window. The urge to try it on was resisted for 3 days and then naturally I gave in, because I have been attempting to make myself try on clothes I wouldn’t normally, or think would look better on ‘other people’. Now I am small, 5’3” (and 3/4, I’m going specific dam-nit!) which I generally like, however it does create issues within the whole clothing area. Especially as I’m not one of those skinny skinny small girls. I have calves, boobs, and arms, which is an issue for any petite store section, (particularly you Topshop – my love for you will never end but good god people I have a body to get in these trousers!) So finding a blazer that actually flatters me, and doesn’t make me look a) square or b) teeny tiny legged has been an issue going back years. I therefore assumed the blazer would fail. However IT FITTED AND LOOKED NICE AND YAY.

Said blazer. It's comfy. It makes me look posh. I can wear slobby t-shirts under and pretend I am fashionable. I like.

Said blazer. It’s comfy. It makes me look posh. I can wear slobby t-shirts under and pretend I am fashionable. I like.

In conclusion – I suck at looking stylish. Yes it’s not a necessary in life, but I would like to look vaguely fashionable. It would be cool. So I am going to try and stuff. My next planned move is to get some little black ankle boots as a working outfit staple. They seem to be a good comfy/stylish compromise for me and look smarter than my current Clarks. (Once on mentioning I got my shoes from Clarks at one PR agency, I actually received a negative judgemental reaction – CLARKS IS COMFY AND SENSIBLE DAMN-IT!)

Any tips, advice, or other fashion suffering, please scribble below. I like reading comments.

Until the next ramble… Ta ta for now.


p.s I really really want these… I blame Caitlin Moran.

Fashion yay or nay these shall be mine...when I have money...

Fashion yay or nay these shall be mine…when I have money…