New pad, and a very decent hall

This weekend has been a manic one. I’ve moved out of the city centre into the leafy song-bird soundtracked suburbs,  complete with Kirkstall Abbey, squirrels, and hedgehogs!


City living was hugely convenient, the 10 minute walk to work was amazing and everything was a walk away, but I’m a country bumpkin, and after a long bank holiday weekend at home surrounded by good old green fields I am so happy to be out in the suburbs! Although, maybe ask me again after the morning commute to work!

Friday and Saturday were mad packing days, which was enormous fun. I really hate packing! Trying to get all my stuff across was a bit of a nightmare but we managed it!

After a looong day of packing, unpacking and seeing my family and the boy yesterday, followed by a fun filled evening with my room mates, today we trooped into Leeds for a good shop. And I got quite a good hall…


I am currently OBSESSED with the mint green shades all around at the moment. Big fan. And it’s been a good 6 years since I got my last pair of Converse so thought I would treat myself to a pair of mint green low tops, although I did have to stop myself grabbing a burgundy & blue patent dual layers!


For those sunny days which we (hopefully) have in plentiful supply on the horizon, I got some similarly Topshop light green sandals. Happy Kirsty.


Whilst in Topshop I couldn’t resist picking up this gold triangle necklace, and whilst the boy was trying on clothes I naturally found a checked shirt in Topman I fancied. Because why not cut out the middle man!


I’m definitely looking forward to taking these along next weekend to Woking when I meet up with a few Uni friends!

What spring/summery purchases have you been hoarding lately?