Return of the internet: The Tour de France

Hello! Goodness me I must admit I have been shockingly poor at writing on here for a while! Lack of internet will do that to a person, and apart from scribbling notes down at work it was unavoidable! Until now! Thank god.

So to update you, I’m now living in the long related flat with the boy, and loving it :). Pics to follow, as I’m awaiting a few final touches first!

First morning in the flat was July 5th. In Leeds. Tour de France day! So on our first day in our own space we…got up stupidly early and got to the Headrow (aka staring line) for about 20 to 7…AM!




IMG_1934Looking remarkably chirpy considering…

The atmosphere was amazing and despite the difficulties of tall people stood all around us we did manage to get a sneeky peek of the starting line.









How did you guys celebrate the Tour?



What’s new with me: June

It’s June, that’s madness. It’s 6 months into the year of 2014. I’ve only just got used to writing it!

So, as per usual, I have neglected to write for a while. This is because I’ve been waiting for many an exciting decision to be made and happen. This means this is actually quite an eventful post gang, so listen up!!



After many stressful applications, literally nail-biting waits, and frustratingly let-down-y responses, the boy has got a job in Leeds which means he’s hopping over the Pennines and excitingly…


We got a flat we got a flat we got a flat WOO! After over a year of stalking Zoopla, Rightmove, Prime Location, Gumtree (to name a few) I tried to be gentle about the whole flat visiting thing for the boy, as we wouldn’t want to scare him off now would we. So, naturally, in less than 48hrs I organised the flat viewings and we ALSO picked and paid the deposit on our flat nest. (I really tried…for a second…)

Home sweet home <3

Home sweet home <3

After existing in other people’s box rooms for over a year, I am so very very very looking forward to this! Simple things like having all of my stuff with me will now actually be possible, and, most excitingly, I’ll get to live with the boy and see him during THE WEEK!

So so so excited. So excited. Move in day is Friday 4th July. So keen the day just can’t come soon enough!

4. Buying wonderful pretty things for the flat….YAY.

So naturally, the first things I buy are not practical useful things like a bin, draining unit, toaster etc. oh no. Cushions. Lots and lots of cushions!!! And photo frames. And lamps. Yes.




The colour scheme: currently minty blue/green colour and yellow, probably with a nice silvery grey. (I like 3’s) I LOVE the pug and balloon cushions – Tesco – who knew right?! Yet to have the BIG Ikea shop. I just want to go to Ikea, any excuse will do – this feeling is reiterated by both parents and friends a like of me & the boy who also want to go to Ikea ‘for our new flat’…

5. I’ve been in my job now for 8 months. Jeeeesh! Reflecting on this has made me think a blog post on what I’ve learned in my first full-time grown-up job-thing would be a good idea. So watch this space. It might turn up for the year anniversary…lols.

6. Attempting fitness: I’ve now been running 2/3 times a week for over a month. Now I’m not someone who’s going to give you some ‘rubbish’ about how awesome this has made my life and how I ‘find myself’ when panting round red-faced and sweaty.

However, I have started to notice the difference. My waist looks better, and, when discovering we have a half 8am meeting and I am a 10 mins walk away at 20 past – I can run there lickity-split without breaking a sweat. This was a refreshing change from previous experiences of running for the bus and looking like a 20-a-day chain smoker! Also, on my runs which surprisingly sometimes I reeeally don’t feel like going on, I frequently get to see many a cute dog and get a bit of a fuss, as someone who certainly misses living without the furry friends of either cats/dogs this is definitely a highlight! (Today’s run heralded two gorgeous Dalmatians – definitely mentally labelled them Pongo & Purdy instantly and was overjoyed to see they were a pair!!)

I’ve also been attempting weights and all that jazz, I believe these are a slow burner for progress so watch this space. I doubt I’ll ever feel quite comfortable with posting a half naked picture on here stating ‘how wonderful I feel thanks to all my hard work’ but I’ll tell you about it :). Tbh you probably don’t need to see my tummy, be it wibbly or not.

So lots of exciting news from me! Feel free to scribble back about any of it. I’ll attempt to keep track of flat excitement on here as it’s actually an interesting thing to natter about with you! (Rather than what food I have/haven’t been eating recently!) Plus, it will be a rather lovely time to get all nostalgic about when nosing back at my ramblings in the future.

Tataa for now gang,




New pad, and a very decent hall

This weekend has been a manic one. I’ve moved out of the city centre into the leafy song-bird soundtracked suburbs,  complete with Kirkstall Abbey, squirrels, and hedgehogs!


City living was hugely convenient, the 10 minute walk to work was amazing and everything was a walk away, but I’m a country bumpkin, and after a long bank holiday weekend at home surrounded by good old green fields I am so happy to be out in the suburbs! Although, maybe ask me again after the morning commute to work!

Friday and Saturday were mad packing days, which was enormous fun. I really hate packing! Trying to get all my stuff across was a bit of a nightmare but we managed it!

After a looong day of packing, unpacking and seeing my family and the boy yesterday, followed by a fun filled evening with my room mates, today we trooped into Leeds for a good shop. And I got quite a good hall…


I am currently OBSESSED with the mint green shades all around at the moment. Big fan. And it’s been a good 6 years since I got my last pair of Converse so thought I would treat myself to a pair of mint green low tops, although I did have to stop myself grabbing a burgundy & blue patent dual layers!


For those sunny days which we (hopefully) have in plentiful supply on the horizon, I got some similarly Topshop light green sandals. Happy Kirsty.


Whilst in Topshop I couldn’t resist picking up this gold triangle necklace, and whilst the boy was trying on clothes I naturally found a checked shirt in Topman I fancied. Because why not cut out the middle man!


I’m definitely looking forward to taking these along next weekend to Woking when I meet up with a few Uni friends!

What spring/summery purchases have you been hoarding lately?


Taking Stock


I recently came across this on the lovely Dan’s blog, and as this is a busy, frustrating, yet highly exciting time in my life thought I should indeed – take stock.

Making: Life complicated for myself.

Cooking: Soup is a frequent happening. This week, banana bread baking occured due to my mushy inedible banana availability and my weekend trip to the sister (who happens to love banana bread).

Drinking: (Soon). I am currently training to Nottingham to visit aforementioned banana-bread appreciating sister. The wine is already in the fridge. Rose’ – Pink Chill. Classy ladies.

Reading: Sadly right now I am not reading for pleasure, it’s something that has come with very little room available for my life and the ever prospect of moving, which makes me hesitant to gather all my books from home. I have however just read the latest Stylist – both male & female editions – as I don’t comfortably ‘fit’ for either publication alone. I like clothes – I also like gaming.

Wanting: My own flat. A car. A glass of wine.

Playing: At adult life, and with my (fairly) new camera :).

Wasting: My time on trains.

Fixing: My life, I think.

Deciding: Where & what I can afford to live in.

Wishing: I had more money coming in!

Enjoying: Beginning to feel comfortable in my new job!

Waiting: For other people to decide what I can afford.

Liking: My current cheesy dance music/80s rock rave on a dark train journey. *Silent rave*

Wondering: What the next few months will hold in store for me. Despite the difficulties, I know this is a really exciting time!

Loving: Visits from the boy.

Pondering: Whether I should write more opinionated content on my blog…

Considering: Buying a new external hard drive, as my old brick is dieing & I need that sexy memory for work video editing!

Watching: From a flat-mate recommendation – I watched my first episode of Nashville this week. Watch this space. Also together we are getting through A LOT of the sci-fi series Fringe & The Real Housewives of New Jersey (I know their names now…)

Hoping: The boy can come across to Leeds and we can get a little nest together soon!

Marvelling: At what a fantastic city Leeds is, and how many amazing friends & family members I can meet up with!

Needing: Money & time. And sleep. And wine.

Smelling: Not a lot, my nose is slightly blocked.

Wearing: A smart ‘business-y’ Monsoon dress, as I had a couple of posh work events today, (there was a Lord there and everything!)

Following: My ambitions.

Noticing: That this train is a lot emptier now! (We’re currently losing a load at Sheffield.) Apparently not many people travel from Leeds all the way to Nottingham! Oh wait, there is a good throng waiting to get on…I hope I get to keep the spare seat next to me…

Knowing: Big exciting things are happening right now, & that I should enjoy the ride despite the highs and lows.

Thinking: There’s a breeze coming from the open train door. It’s cold. Shut it please. Thank you.

Feeling: A little bit stressed most the time, but very excited to see my sister for a proper good sisterling catch up.

Admiring: How well dressed & fashionable the people of Leeds are and how I need to step up my game!

Buying: From the wonderful budget life-saver that is Kirkgate market.

Getting: Excited about the weekend.

Bookmarking: Recipes and black handbags from River Island.

Opening: …a new chapter in my life?

Giggling: With friends, colleagues, and (very soon no doubt) with family.

Got a job, feeling skint – I don’t know about you but I’m feeling (nearly) 22!

So gang. It’s been a while. Sorry about that.

Truth be told it’s all been a wee bit mad recently. I believe a scribbled last on the cusp of returning to Leeds having just finished my internship there, so allow me to fill you in on what’s been occurin’.

I’m now living with a school friend of my sister’s and her manfriend, which is working rather swimmingly as said manfriend is away a lot during the week, allowing me to actually be a useful addition to the living situation (rather than the usual annoyance) and keep said female flatmate company. All is working well. The office is only approximately 8mins walk away, and right in the heart of Leeds (for which I sleep wearing ear plugs, but otherwise is entirely useful).

Since moving across I went on a short but amazing family trip to Rome with the nucleus home crew. As possibly one of (if not THE) last family holidays with ‘no additional boys’ it was nice to revisit family holiday routine. Rome was AMAZING. As a history bod I was in complete heaven. The ruins in particular were bliddy awesome. What struck me however was that all the buildings were beautiful. There were no concrete blocks hidden away, or hideously photobombing a picturesque scene. Yes it probably helped that (unlike cities like London) they weren’t bombed like mad during the World Wars!

They say a picture paints a thousand words. So if I just uploaded the album, could I just leave it there? Well, I basically have!

The photo that coined the term 'posh selfie'

The photo that coined the term ‘posh selfie’



This is my Dad btw, not just a random Roman man I decided to embrace and grin at like a loon.

Dad being arty. It is actually quite good.

Dad being arty. It is actually quite good.

Mum said pull a funny face. I was left hanging.

Mum said pull a funny face. I was left hanging.

Wish I was back there!

Wish I was back there!




Moi, Ally, and the Mothership. I’m 5’3″ btw…



Dad displaying his not too shabby photo skillz


The skyline was possibly my favourite part…maybe…


Definitely not with Dad’s posh camera!


My first cappuccino. It was tasty. Mum said it was just bliddy good. Ahh well.


The boy told me to do the ‘Gladiator’ pose. This was my response.


No, THIS was my favourite part.


It was tasty.


The sky was really that blue. No filters.


I could’ve popped these pictures together to save space, but I love these pictures and believe they should remain big. So they have.

Anyways so that was an awesome awesome week. My ‘summer holiday’ in October, as I had missed so many others trying to be good and work….grrrrr. Today however this paid off, as (officially today) I am signed and sealed into employment!! I officially work for money and everything! Terribly exciting stuff. After a month’s ‘probation-esque’ interning, I have today signed the contract. It’s official!

This, combined with the fact it’s my birthday next Sunday, (when I will turn actual 22 – not the Taylor Swift  ’14 year old’s version of 22′ where you just worry about boys. I will worry about paying for food) means this is a particularly exciting time for me at the moment, which is nice after my slightly moany previous blog when I felt a tad disheartened!

The boy is still out in ‘Greater Manchester/Lancashire’ (he lives on several borders) which on the downside means we’re back to brief ad hoc weekend spells. This is just how it has to be for a wee while however, and hopefully we shall get to ‘shell up’ (the extremely cute word for ‘nesting’ used by my flatmates) very soon.

Oh and I also joined a brass band.

So there you have it gang. It’s all been a bit mad. I will endeavour to be a bit more faithful to you on here, promise :)

Until next time, ta ta for now.


#03 Fab Food Day

So as you (might) know last night I nipped back to Nottingham for a few hours…and ended up staying over at my family home because I cba to travel back late (and my lift wanted a pint in the pub, hahaaa).

So today’s food was a little spontaneous. Thankfully, despite the fact my fam are currently on holiday in Scotland (the Isle of Skye to be exact – very jealous, the ale up there is awesome) there was milk for breakfast and importantly a cup of tea. WINNING.

There was also conveniently some bread and choritzo, which became my lunch in a sandwich form. Yum yum.


They may be thin, but they were yummy – and importantly FREE!

No leaves for me today! I was sad to be without my granola however, and my hungry tummy around 2/3 o’clock was too!

Fortunately, an office treat came in the form of a spectacular blast from the past!


So much nostalgia.

I don’t know about you, but Fruit Pastills Lollies remind me of some of the best days out of my childhood. Holidays, castles, adventure play parks, you get the idea. So when a colleague produced a bag of ice lollies and my beady eyes saw there were some of these beauties in there I snaffled one up sharpish!

Finally, I managed to meet up with my very lovely cousin, who also lives in Leeds. We are trying to meet up once a week as previously it’s been more like twice a year! So far it has been working swimmingly, and it’s always a fab night of amazing food and better company. Lots of nattering! On Tuesday I walked past Red’s on my lunch break, and after once more getting another fab waft of BBQ yumminess in my face I immediately text my cousin asking if we fancied going for a bite this week. Today was the day and it was as awesome as anticipated!


Oh Mama.

I decided to tuck into the Red’s cheese burger, (Housemade steak burgers, with melted Jack cheese, house-smoked streaky bacon, tomato, lettuce, red onion, dill pickles, American mustard and dirty sauce on a glazed artisan burger bun. Served with fries. Boo ya) and my companion favoured the Donut Burger (Two house-made 100% steak burgers flame grilled over hickory, melted double Jack cheese, smoked peppered bacon dirty sauce and deep fried crispy onions, all between two sweet glazed donuts. Served with fried pickled pickles and skin-on fries. Oh yeah). Needless to say, it was fab. The service was really good, all the staff were really friendly and the food was fast. What more do you want?! Very happy Bob.

So yeah remember when I said this was going to be a healthy food thing. Scrap that. I can do that I make the rules. This is my blog innit…yeah. What it’s going to be is the food I eat, the music I listen to, and sometimes a combo of the two. A tasty combination I think.

Until next one amigoes,

Ta ta for now,


#02 On a train

So tonight I am dashing home from Leeds to Newark for a couple of hours after work. Why? Because I am ridiculous.

This weekend is the Fairport Cropredy Convention, a big music festival of world, 80s, and folk genres. Last year I got backstage with a couple a press passes for my folk specialist radio show Folk Off! and had an awesome time. A particular highlight was getting merry at the aftershow party on the Saturday night, pinching Anna Ryder’s (awesome amazing musician) trumpet, and playing along with the best of my, and my Dad’s, favourite bands. (He was very jealous.)

This year as I condition I was told to bring my own trumpet. Now as I’ve been job hunting, I feared I wouldn’t be able to go. So avoided bringing said instrument to Leeds in case. It turns out I can go, so naturally I am off back to the Midlands to get it, so I can play along once more. I told you it was silly.

It does however mean I get to (briefly) see my friends living at home for the summer for a couple of hours, which is a definite win! To the pub we go!


In this light, my dinner/tea/evening munchies tonight consists of a bacon a brie pannini with some sort of exciting chutney. Not exactly healthy, but as I ate leaves and more granola today I think it’s allowed…paahaaa.

Suggested Soundtrack:
I heartily suggest that next time you find yourselves on a train,  you listen to Solas – a fab Irish/American folk band I have been enjoying for years. They are as great live as they are on the ipod, if not better. Next time you’re on a train, look them up. They are a perfect soundtrack for passing fields, sheep, and bunny rabbits.

Have a lovely evening folks, I will be :)

Ta ta for now,


p.s Now I’m at a computer I’m going to pop a couple of Solas tunes in here for your listening enjoyment,

This was the tune soundtracking my pannini last night,

And this is my favourite Solas tune;

It begins

Last week I began my internship at a Leeds PR company, after handing in my last piece of undergraduate assessment.

Travelling into Leeds was nerve racking, as time really does never pass so fast as when you are heading somewhere on your ‘first day’. Luckily all was well, which is most unlike most my travelling experiences, and the day was fantastic. Having experienced the day from hell 24hrs previously, as I was shadowing a hideous job possibility, day one in a PR company commenced with a ritual brewing of tea and introduction. Those 10 minutes were the best of that week, and it was Thursday. I had my own desk, Mac, and chair. I may be easily pleased, but colour me impressed.


Work is fun

Work is fun

I was assigned various tasks befitting a social media intern, and I realised I did not know as much as previously thought about working my way around the media web. Monitoring social media through programmes was very new to me! Thankfully, my guide was happy to answer all questions, and I soon got into the swing of things. Emailing bloggers to gage their reviewing interest for products, logging said activities, and organising future facebook/twitter/instagram posts for the future.

Today, day 3, I felt I could arrive at the office and just start work like any normal person – this was highly pleasant. I managed to impress with my ability to arrange pictures nicely in a collage for a future social media post, always a win, and was awarded a pack of Percy Pigs at lunchtime. How else can one measure success?

Having trawled through blog after blog recently I thought to myself I should really document my experience, especially now during this ‘exciting’ (aka terrifying) time of my life. So here it shall be documented…for better or worse!

How many of you are/have taken part in an internship lately? Was your experience fab or foul? Scribble back!



P.s Remember- We’ve got through Monday!