Underneath the Stars: beautiful musical loveliness

How’do. Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting an extremely hot and balmy Barnsley (who’ve thought), for the wonderful ‘Underneath the Stars’ festival. The first of its kind, the folky gathering was inspired & arranged by the lovely and amazing Kate Rusby (folk singing legend – like Kim Kardashian of the folk world…well…with less plastic in her posterior…and talent) and the larger part of her extended family.   IMG_2435 IMG_2438 IMG_2440 The weather was ridiculous, really there was no escape from the sun and it was absolutely boiling! Having lived in the North of England for 4 years solidly this was a slight shock to the system, but very enjoyable once adapted to. I may have even tanned – and by tanned I mean become slightly less white than before, on the pasty-scale I’m now more of a ‘light latte’ than ‘marshmallow white’ – WIN. IMG_2455 IMG_2459   All the stages & set areas were named after Kate Rusby songs, a nice touch, which always maintained a running Rusby soundtrack to activities – which is no bad thing at all! Generally what stood out about the festival was its attention to detail and friendly atmosphere. Really friendly, this is Yorkshire after all!   IMG_2506 A note, every woman should own a Wonder Woman shirt, it makes you feel like you can conquer….and look bad ass. IMG_2475 An abundance of bunting & fairy lights made for a happy Kirsty and great consistent festival vibe! IMG_2515   IMG_2532   Aaand the lady herself! You can tell she’s not used to standing up there without her guitar! I absolutely love this artist and have done pretty much as long as I can remember. Not only is she an amazing performer with a voice that could melt the coldest of hearts, but she is also one of the nicest & friendliest artist’s I have seen live. To be quite honest, I would love just to have a natter with her over some proper Yorkshire Tea.

Kate released her new album ‘Ghost’ on the Saturday of the festival, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! Until then, I’ve popped in here a favourite songs of hers, and the name sake of the festival, for your listening enjoyment :).


(Some gorgeous brass parts in their too, another dream would be to perform these with the lovely lady!)

On this note, I’m thinking of resuming my ‘Folk Off!’ duties. For those of you unfamiliar with ‘Folk Off!’, this was my folk specialist radio show I produced & presented whilst at University. Though I may no longer have a fully equipped studio at my disposal, (although I do have some great portable kit I could use) I think I shall resume duties through a written blog format, delivering CD reviews, music news, and related tip-bits. If you like the sound of that, watch this space!

What festivals have you guys been going to?



Gates to SOUTH-well Folk Festival

Hello gang, It’s all been a bit mad recently! As I recently moved into the new shiny flat with the boy (big blog post to follow), life has been hectic to say the least, and now of course we don’t have internet – as we’re waiting for the little Orange man to come sort it out for us. This has all created a distinctive lack of blogging availability! A couple of weeks ago (if you count 4 weeks aka a month) I engaged in the annual activity of going to the Southwell Folk Festival (SOUTH-well people, note the pronunciation – I don’t care if BBC4 do say ‘Suthell’ – it’s wrong). I have been bliddy fortunate really that, as a folkie, a festival has literally popped up in my town!

It started around 7ish years ago (?) but the history of the festival goes back waaaaaay further then that. Without indulging too much of my history bug, quite simply the ‘Gate to Southwell’ was an event held from the early C10th and started when the Archbishop appealed to all the surrounding parish’s in Nottinghamshire for donations to build a new ‘mother church’ – aka Southwell Minster.  So a procession, including Morris dancers later on, would deliver funds to the church each year, then making the obvious evolution into a folk music festival. Naturally. As the festival started up as my school life hit the exam run my attendance of this marvelous festival has been erratic between years 11 until last year when I graduated from University! (Exactly a year ago today!) However from now on happily this should no longer be an issue :)

IMG_1816 The festival is a big one in the Rogers’ family calendar, and usually involves a lot of drinking beer whilst enjoying some absolutely fantastic tuneage ( & food). Below are a couple of moments captured from the weekend, which I hope you enjoy! IMG_1811 IMG_1806 IMG_1805   IMG_1803 IMG_1800 IMG_1798     Proper ‘old school’ Jelly Babies!! Lack of purse meant I actually had to ask my Mum for sweets. Aged 22. And loved it. IMG_1797 IMG_1795 IMG_1794 IMG_1784 IMG_1783 What festivals are you guys off to this year?

Keep your eyes out for the new nest blog post – coming soon!

Ta for now :) xXx

Absence makes the heart grow founder…


Heya gang, sorry I’ve been a bit poor form on here recently. I’ve been having a very necessary RnR session at home in Nottingham.

Until a proper post goes up, feel free to have a listen to today’s bit of productive fun. Years in the thought tank, a couple of hours in the making :) Hope you enjoy it.

Speak soon!


#02 On a train

So tonight I am dashing home from Leeds to Newark for a couple of hours after work. Why? Because I am ridiculous.

This weekend is the Fairport Cropredy Convention, a big music festival of world, 80s, and folk genres. Last year I got backstage with a couple a press passes for my folk specialist radio show Folk Off! and had an awesome time. A particular highlight was getting merry at the aftershow party on the Saturday night, pinching Anna Ryder’s (awesome amazing musician) trumpet, and playing along with the best of my, and my Dad’s, favourite bands. (He was very jealous.)

This year as I condition I was told to bring my own trumpet. Now as I’ve been job hunting, I feared I wouldn’t be able to go. So avoided bringing said instrument to Leeds in case. It turns out I can go, so naturally I am off back to the Midlands to get it, so I can play along once more. I told you it was silly.

It does however mean I get to (briefly) see my friends living at home for the summer for a couple of hours, which is a definite win! To the pub we go!


In this light, my dinner/tea/evening munchies tonight consists of a bacon a brie pannini with some sort of exciting chutney. Not exactly healthy, but as I ate leaves and more granola today I think it’s allowed…paahaaa.

Suggested Soundtrack:
I heartily suggest that next time you find yourselves on a train,  you listen to Solas – a fab Irish/American folk band I have been enjoying for years. They are as great live as they are on the ipod, if not better. Next time you’re on a train, look them up. They are a perfect soundtrack for passing fields, sheep, and bunny rabbits.

Have a lovely evening folks, I will be :)

Ta ta for now,


p.s Now I’m at a computer I’m going to pop a couple of Solas tunes in here for your listening enjoyment,

This was the tune soundtracking my pannini last night,

And this is my favourite Solas tune;

A thought…

2 posts in 2 hours is not standard in my blogging pattern, but I was struck my  thought. 

I have been trying to work out what the focus of my blog is going to be, assisting the purpose and drive of my posts and whatnot, and was torn between music and food as a ‘theme’.

As per usual I mentioned this frustration to the Boy, who promptly suggested doing both! Mixing food and music together in a ‘serve it with this tune’ vein. Isn’t he good?! So if this all gets popular, he’ll be happy to know it was his idea that did it!

What would I do without him. 

Let me know your thoughts, as they are very welcome!

On a random note, any Parks and Rec(reation) fans out there, does he not look uncannily like Adam Scott aka Ben? Maybe it’s just me.


                                                                 Do you see it?

Ta ta for now,


We’re all geeks.


Geek – originally an insult thrown at the hard working kid at the front of the class, who  prefers maths and science to physical exercise. However.


Now geek is not only a style, but an aspiration. But this isn’t what’s bothering me. What bothers me, is when people apologise for a passion with the side-line “I’m such a geek”. As part of my recent PR internship, I have been happily gazing over many different beauty blogs, a very glamourous and girly centre of the internet universe. The other day on one particular blog, the author described her achievement computer science degree with the side-line “I’m a bit of a geek”. This struck a chord with me.

Why should people feel they have to justify any passion they may have for something as ‘geeky’ just because it isn’t stereotypically glamourous. Surely people just have interests. You shouldn’t judge something you like as less popular, important, or unjustified just because others don’t share it.

Everyone has a passion for something that is unique to them, that possibly even their close friends wouldn’t agree with. Does that make us all geeks?

For example, I was brought up listening to folk music by my family, particularly my Dad, and knew more lyrics to Silly Wizard and Runrig than the Spice Girls aged 10. When I entered secondary school I didn’t feel I


could play this music to my friends because it didn’t fit ‘school disco’ parameters. Only when I reached college/6th form did I realise it was this interest and difference that made my personality 3D. It’s what made me not only interesting to new people, but became the interest I most liked about myself.

At Uni, I had a folk specialist music radio show, interviewed some amazing grammy winning artists, and most importantly loved this part of my life!

Playing music has also been a huge part of my life, across classical, jazz, and to brass bands with bow ties. Oh yeah, you read right – ‘effing bow ties. I looked hot. E4 are currently filming for a ‘geek’ inspired show, using members of my brass band as stereotypically geeky. This again, annoys me. Through these groups, and brass band in particular, I have met arguably the best people, who I will keep in touch with throughout my life, despite time and distances.

I suppose what my ramblings are attempting to sum up here is that everyone should be proud of the passion or interest that is truly their’s, and others shouldn’t look down on that interest regardless of it’s status. The word Geek shouldn’t mean anything now, not in a bad way, it’s just not what it used to be. People’s passions should be celebrated, and not mocked. Wow that became a lot more soppy then I intended, I blame the fact I’m full of cold….haahaa.