Saint George: A very old PR poster boy

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It begins

Last week I began my internship at a Leeds PR company, after handing in my last piece of undergraduate assessment.

Travelling into Leeds was nerve racking, as time really does never pass so fast as when you are heading somewhere on your ‘first day’. Luckily all was well, which is most unlike most my travelling experiences, and the day was fantastic. Having experienced the day from hell 24hrs previously, as I was shadowing a hideous job possibility, day one in a PR company commenced with a ritual brewing of tea and introduction. Those 10 minutes were the best of that week, and it was Thursday. I had my own desk, Mac, and chair. I may be easily pleased, but colour me impressed.


Work is fun

Work is fun

I was assigned various tasks befitting a social media intern, and I realised I did not know as much as previously thought about working my way around the media web. Monitoring social media through programmes was very new to me! Thankfully, my guide was happy to answer all questions, and I soon got into the swing of things. Emailing bloggers to gage their reviewing interest for products, logging said activities, and organising future facebook/twitter/instagram posts for the future.

Today, day 3, I felt I could arrive at the office and just start work like any normal person – this was highly pleasant. I managed to impress with my ability to arrange pictures nicely in a collage for a future social media post, always a win, and was awarded a pack of Percy Pigs at lunchtime. How else can one measure success?

Having trawled through blog after blog recently I thought to myself I should really document my experience, especially now during this ‘exciting’ (aka terrifying) time of my life. So here it shall be documented…for better or worse!

How many of you are/have taken part in an internship lately? Was your experience fab or foul? Scribble back!



P.s Remember- We’ve got through Monday!