Beginnings of Spring!


Hello folks. So April is almost upon us, jeesh. This year is going scarily fast! This time last year I was cracking on with the old dissertation, which surprisingly I do actually miss!

Now it’s Mothering Sunday, for me this is all part of the wonderful build up to Easter & general spring-time frivolity, when the weather actually starts to live up to expectations – sometimes anyway!

Naturally our best laid plans – going to my sisters’ lovely new flat where she will play host with her boyfriend – have been scuppered by the food poisoning/bug illness of said sister. Typical! So now me & Dad will be roasting. This sadly means, as Mum finds watching people cook in her kitchen slightly torturous she will no doubt take over the action. In fact she has just walked into the living room with her piny on. Boding well.

To celebrate the Spring time feeling here are a few nice pics I took on a dog walk a while back :) I got to play with some of my Dad’s fancy lenses, which naturally made my day! Now go make your Mum a cup of tea.

Happy Mothers’ Day all!!


IMG_0542   IMG_0571   IMG_0681   IMG_0595   IMG_0597   IMG_0685   IMG_0636     IMG_0733