What’s new with me: June

It’s June, that’s madness. It’s 6 months into the year of 2014. I’ve only just got used to writing it!

So, as per usual, I have neglected to write for a while. This is because I’ve been waiting for many an exciting decision to be made and happen. This means this is actually quite an eventful post gang, so listen up!!



After many stressful applications, literally nail-biting waits, and frustratingly let-down-y responses, the boy has got a job in Leeds which means he’s hopping over the Pennines and excitingly…


We got a flat we got a flat we got a flat WOO! After over a year of stalking Zoopla, Rightmove, Prime Location, Gumtree (to name a few) I tried to be gentle about the whole flat visiting thing for the boy, as we wouldn’t want to scare him off now would we. So, naturally, in less than 48hrs I organised the flat viewings and we ALSO picked and paid the deposit on our flat nest. (I really tried…for a second…)

Home sweet home <3

Home sweet home <3

After existing in other people’s box rooms for over a year, I am so very very very looking forward to this! Simple things like having all of my stuff with me will now actually be possible, and, most excitingly, I’ll get to live with the boy and see him during THE WEEK!

So so so excited. So excited. Move in day is Friday 4th July. So keen the day just can’t come soon enough!

4. Buying wonderful pretty things for the flat….YAY.

So naturally, the first things I buy are not practical useful things like a bin, draining unit, toaster etc. oh no. Cushions. Lots and lots of cushions!!! And photo frames. And lamps. Yes.




The colour scheme: currently minty blue/green colour and yellow, probably with a nice silvery grey. (I like 3’s) I LOVE the pug and balloon cushions – Tesco – who knew right?! Yet to have the BIG Ikea shop. I just want to go to Ikea, any excuse will do – this feeling is reiterated by both parents and friends a like of me & the boy who also want to go to Ikea ‘for our new flat’…

5. I’ve been in my job now for 8 months. Jeeeesh! Reflecting on this has made me think a blog post on what I’ve learned in my first full-time grown-up job-thing would be a good idea. So watch this space. It might turn up for the year anniversary…lols.

6. Attempting fitness: I’ve now been running 2/3 times a week for over a month. Now I’m not someone who’s going to give you some ‘rubbish’ about how awesome this has made my life and how I ‘find myself’ when panting round red-faced and sweaty.

However, I have started to notice the difference. My waist looks better, and, when discovering we have a half 8am meeting and I am a 10 mins walk away at 20 past – I can run there lickity-split without breaking a sweat. This was a refreshing change from previous experiences of running for the bus and looking like a 20-a-day chain smoker! Also, on my runs which surprisingly sometimes I reeeally don’t feel like going on, I frequently get to see many a cute dog and get a bit of a fuss, as someone who certainly misses living without the furry friends of either cats/dogs this is definitely a highlight! (Today’s run heralded two gorgeous Dalmatians – definitely mentally labelled them Pongo & Purdy instantly and was overjoyed to see they were a pair!!)

I’ve also been attempting weights and all that jazz, I believe these are a slow burner for progress so watch this space. I doubt I’ll ever feel quite comfortable with posting a half naked picture on here stating ‘how wonderful I feel thanks to all my hard work’ but I’ll tell you about it :). Tbh you probably don’t need to see my tummy, be it wibbly or not.

So lots of exciting news from me! Feel free to scribble back about any of it. I’ll attempt to keep track of flat excitement on here as it’s actually an interesting thing to natter about with you! (Rather than what food I have/haven’t been eating recently!) Plus, it will be a rather lovely time to get all nostalgic about when nosing back at my ramblings in the future.

Tataa for now gang,